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Beat The Bully

Antibullying campaign for AdCouncil.


Helping Tweens Beat Bullying

The Challenge

Create a campaign that empowers, encourages, and informs bullied tweens. 

Defining a Direction

Brand Differentiation

  • AdCouncil is a powerful well respected non-profit that features empowering messages aimed for the greater good tacking all kinds of issues from social justice to humanitarian and beyond.

Needs of The User

  • Privacy + no judgement, absolute security

  • 24/7 accessible help

  • Spoken in tween’s language/ using words and tools that feel natural 

  • Fun factor 


What are we aiming to accomplish

  • Create an empowering message

  • Help lower bullying in the tween age group

  • Give tweens helpful tools and raise awareness around these tools

  • Encourage tweens to seek help

  • Give tweens an awareness that they are not alone

The Solution

An antibullying campaign in two parts.

The first raise awareness by partnering with a popular tween youtube show and then encourage tweens to take action through a live facebook panel and chatbot